You Should be E-mailing Your Customers

You have heard it. Heck you may even have said it. People are drowning in email. Nobody, not a single soul reads email anymore. Email is dead.


According to a recent report from Infusionsoft email is actually second only to word of mouth. 

So, that’s what business owners think. What do consumers think? Well customers prefer email. A recent report from Message Systems shows that email is the preferred media for receiving marketing messages.

If you aren’t emailing your customer’s you are missing out. You should get on that!

What You Need to Do:

Collect emails from people every chance you get.

  • Manual Sign up during events
  • Website sign up form
    • Make sure it is on every page of your site
  • Invitation to signup on your social channels
  • On your packaging
  • Ask for it at check out (in person and online)
  • Offer an incentive, a discount of their next purchase or a chance to win something

 Make sure your emails are worth reading.

  • Tell them a story.
    • Show your product or products in use in the real world and highlight what and how they are used by real people
    • Show your creative process. How are your products made? How is a specific product made?
  • Tell them what other people think about your products
    • A good old-fashioned testimonial is second only to a referral from a friend. So if people are saying nice things about you… pass it along!

Give them a chance to buy

  • Make sure your products are featured and they are given a change to buy it right from the email
  • Invite them to come see you
    • Going to be somewhere special? Invite them to come by and say hi.
    • Stuck in your store? Invite them to come by and stay awhile. Create special in-store events to encourage them to make a special visit to see you.

Be persistent and consistent

  • Email your folks as soon as they join your list and keep emailing them.
  • Set up a schedule of emails and stick to it. If you email weekly, tell them so and stick to that promise… if you email monthly do the same.

Let them share!

  • Make sure your emails are cool enough to share and then encourage your customer’s to share them. Most email service providers have a forward to a friend button… include it! But also allow them to post to Facebook, and other social channels easily, quickly and right from their email

Don’t forget to link to your website.

  1. If you actually sell items on-line, the single most important goal of your email is to get them to the site. So make sure your email includes prominent, clear invitations to go to the site.

What challenges are you having with email? Let me know in the comments!