Kill Valentine's Day

Kill Valentines Day.png

February is just around the corner. It's the month of love and overspending with about $19 billion spent in the name of love in 2015. The time of year when love is awesome, and we buy big red puffy hearts, lots of chocolate, perfume, lingerie, flowers and expensive dinners. Which if you look at the numbers makes you think it's a no-brainer! You've got to do SOMETHING for Valentine's Day. Are you planning a Valentine's day promotion? Do you have red hearts all over your products, store or website? 

You do? Points for planning ahead! 

Just one thing. How is your valentine's themed month making you stand out from the crowd? Do you, in fact, sell chocolate, flowers, expensive dinners, perfume, jewelry or lingerie? Is your target audience over the moon for love and couplehood? If the answer is yes, go for it. Valentine's day consumers spends about $142.00 per person on the holiday. Make sure you are in front of them and ready to make their Valentine's day the best ever. If the answer is no, or even I'm not sure... then you might want to rethink how you are approaching your promotional/marketing calendar.

Let's just start with all the possible options for themes. How about awards season? The Grammys and the Oscars both happen in February. More interested in health than romance? What about International Cancer day? Or National Wear Red day? Or make it a bit spicier and focus on World Condom day (SAME day as Valentine's day... brilliant!) How about the Super Bowl? Hometown pride is high if you are in Arizona or the Carolinas this year. Creating a unique line of super bowl (non-copyright violating) gear might help your t-shirt biz make an impact. Who are your people? What matters to them? If your customer base is predominantly female or African American, Black History Month or even International Women's Day on March 8th could be a stronger theme for you.
Why pick Valentine's day? Mostly because it is pervasive. In 2013 social media monitoring company Radian6 reported 8,293,748 mentions across the major social networking sites about Valentine's Day  Do you want to get lost in a sea of red hearts? No? I didn't think so! Why not ditch Valentine's Day for something more interesting.  

You don't have to jump on any of these bandwagons. You can do something that is completely about your business. If you happen to focus on healthy foods, you can look to celebrate an unknown or under appreciated seasonal food. If you make sweaters, maybe you should be looking to take advantage of all of the Blizzard news we have had lately. 

What matters most is that what matters to your customer and builds your business and brand.

So I say, kill the hearts and flowers and celebrate your own awesome February!

I built this tool just for you. If you aren't sure which direction to go this month the February idea generator will help you come up with killer ideas.