Value is Not Real

Marketing and more objective areas of business like finance or operations often butt heads over what is "important". I love what Rory Sutherland has to say here about the foolishness of thinking you can separate perception from reality. Our reality is shaped 100% by what we perceive and what perceive is 100% what we experience. In my many years in marketing I have heard more than once "Get rid of the fluff" and yet if Starbucks stuck to the facts told us all. "Coffee is coffee!" Coffee would still be fifty cents. Starbucks knows that they actually are ADDING value, when they tell you a story about where your coffee comes from. They know they are adding value by creating an environment that feels like the worlds most social living room. Is it fluff? Well, it allows them to charge $5 for a simple cup of coffee. 

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The Power of Story

After 50 years, Harper Lee is publishing a new book. Her second book. Ever. You might have heard of her first one… "To Kill a Mockingbird". The news hit and the reading world immediately erupted into cheers. Think about that for a moment. 50 years between books!

Today, I heard former soldier and writer, David J. Morris, on the NPR show “Think” talking about the healing power of novels for soldiers recovering from PTSD.

Why do I share these two stories with you? Too often the power of stories is dismissed. We think that “real experiences” matter most. Stories are considered an “escape” or worse yet, a waste of time.

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The Survey

I have scheduled Market Stuff's very first marketing workshop for June 20th. It is my mission to create the very best most useful workshop for all of you. To that end I created a quick survey (less than 8 minutes I promise!) I launched this survey to help me understand where you are in your marketing efforts. It will give me snapshot of the types of things you are doing (or not doing). If you make stuff with the intention of selling it, please help a sister out and take a minute (or 8) and let me know what's going on with your marketing.